The Young & Healthy Podcast is back for season two and in this first episode, we are pleased to have Cincinnati Children’s new President and CEO, Steve Davis, MD, join us in the studio. Our conversation with Steve covers his vision for himself as a leader, a bit about his earlier career and what he loves most about his job and about Cincinnati Children's. He also tells us about his family and what his experience has been as a leader in healthcare during the pandemic. This is an episode you don't want to miss! 

This week on the podcast, we bring together the podcast team to talk about our favorite episodes and reflections on Season 1 of Young & Healthy. Michael English and Symfhani Pitts join Kate Setter to wrap up the season and provide some recommendations for must-listen episodes that newer listeners may have missed. Be sure to join us again in January to kick off season 2! Thanks for listening and happy holidays.  

This week on the podcast, we welcome parents who are also members of the Marketing and Communications team at Cincinnati Children’s. Michael English and Allison Bradley join us to discuss the magic of the holidays and Santa Claus. Our guests share the role that Santa plays in their household during the holidays. We also discuss how they found out about Santa as children, giving to others and the magic of the holidays.  

Although we are talking about Christmas during this episode, we recognize that our listeners celebrate many different traditions and faith practices during this time of the year and encourage you all to also listen to last week’s episode about holiday traditions - it’s a good one! 

This week on the podcast, we welcome members of the pastoral care team at Cincinnati Children’s. Daphene Baines, Chaplain Marc Zumhagen, and Chaplain Yisroel Kaufman join us for an exciting and heartfelt conversation about holiday traditions. We dive into the meaning of a tradition and why it is important to learn about traditions different from our own. Our guests also share some of their favorite holiday traditions, how they have changed during the pandemic, and share thoughts on navigating grief during the holiday season.  

The holiday season is here and as Thanksgiving approaches, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Lynne Merk, a clinical psychologist here at Cincinnati Children’s, to talk about gratitude during the holidays and throughout year. Listen in as Dr. Merk shares how being grateful is good for health and happiness, as well as advice on how families can make gratitude a habit. We also share creative activities families can do this holiday season, modeling positive behavior, and talk about generosity’s role in fostering an attitude of gratitude.  

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This week on the podcast, Dr. Kara Ayers and Dr. Susan Wiley, faculty members in our Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, join us to talk about how parents can help their kids understand and learn about people who have disabilities. Listen in as Dr. Ayers and Dr. Wiley share their professional and personal experiences to describe how damaging stereotypes and certain words can be, how to ask respectful questions and help curious kids include others and learn that we all have differences. They also generously share additional resources that can help families who want to continue to learn and explore how they can be more inclusive, understanding and respectful.    

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Drs. Patty Manning-Courtney and Bob Frenck join us to provide an update on the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. Join us as we answer parent questions about vaccine research, allergies and the vaccine, natural immunity, side effects and benefits of vaccination for children five and older.  

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Click for frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines.   

This week on the podcast, we talk to pediatric dentists, Drs. Giulia Castrigano and Patrick Ruck on all things oral health. Tooth decay is the most common disease in children, but the good news is, it is also preventable. Join us to discuss when kids should see a pediatric dentist, when to start brushing and brushing techniques, tooth decay, dental trauma, and more. This episode is loaded with lots of information to help maintain the health of your kiddo's teeth!     

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1 in 5 high school students reported being bullied on school property. This week’s episode discusses in-person bullying with Dr. Ryan Adams, PhD, Associate Professor. Our conversation includes the different types of bullying, the effects of bullying, what to do if your child is the bully, strategies that children can use if they witness bullying behavior, and so much more.    

Additional Resources: 

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Boys Guide to End Bullying  

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This week on the podcast, we talk to Dr. Beverly Smolyansky about self-esteem in kids. Low self-esteem has the potential to lead to children engaging in negative behaviors and activities that could impact their quality of life. It is vital that parents nurture positive self-esteem to maintain a child’s overall health. Join us as we break down why self-esteem is important, how parents can help improve a child’s confidence, positive self-talk vs. negative self-talk, when and how parents should praise their child, behavior modeling, and so much more.   

Additional Resources: 

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