This week on the podcast, we discuss social engagement post-COVID! Our guests, pediatric psychologists, Dr. Stephanie Filigno and Dr. Wendi Lopez join us to share some helpful tips for parents. In this episode, we discuss social re-engagement anxietysigns of social re-engagement anxiety, coping strategies and we even answer some parent questions we gathered on Instagram and Facebook. 

This week on the podcast, we discuss chest pain in kids with Dr. Bill Hardie, Pediatric Pulmonologist, and Dr. Adam Powell, Pediatric Cardiologist. We discuss causes of chest pain in adolescents, sports physicals and screenings, chest pain with COVID, what to do if you witness a sudden cardiac arrest and we ask and answer some parent questions.   

About 10% of people report that they have a penicillin allergy when askedBut most of those people are not truly allergic to the medications. This week we discuss penicillin and penicillin allergy. Our guests Trisha Wendling, Nurse Practitioner and Tricia Earl, Clinical Care Coordinator, RN, join us to talk about what happens when a child is labeled as having the allergy, what it takes to test and see if it’s a true allergy and the many benefits of being able to take penicillin, especially for children. 

With cell phones, tablets, computers, and social media being so readily available, kids are spending more time in front of screens than ever before. During the pandemic, children used technology to attend school virtually, communicate with family, and connect with friends, which all increased the use of electronics. This week we discuss screen time, social media, and kids! Our guest, Dr. Suzanne Sampang, joins us to talk about adolescents and cell phones, cyberbullying, the impact of screen time on development, the positives of electronics, and so much more!  

This week on the podcast, we discuss the COVID-19 vaccine with kids! Our guests, 12-year-old Yasmeen, 17-year-old Anna and Dr. Joe Real join us to share how they feel about the vaccine, conversations they are having with friends and family, and so much more.  

This week on the podcast, we discuss kids and sugar! Our guests, Catherine Anthony and Delaney Elam, are Registered Dieticians in the Heart Institute and they joined us to share helpful information and useful tips. In this episode, we discuss added sugar versus natural sugars in foods kids like, popular drinks and foods with a lot of added sugar, picky eaters, sports and energy drinks; and so much more! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for everyone. Children have missed so much – time with grandparents, in-person school, prom, graduation, and sports. Overnight, the pandemic changed life as they knew it. This week we discuss the effects of COVID-19 in children and their families. Our guests, Dr. Josh Schaffzin, Dr. Monica Mitchell, and Dr. Mary Carol Burkhardt share their perspectives on how we’re finding a new normal and what parents can do to help kids as they adjust to what’s next.