This week on the podcast, we talk to Dr. Beverly Smolyansky about self-esteem in kids. Low self-esteem has the potential to lead to children engaging in negative behaviors and activities that could impact their quality of life. It is vital that parents nurture positive self-esteem to maintain a child’s overall health. Join us as we break down why self-esteem is important, how parents can help improve a child’s confidence, positive self-talk vs. negative self-talk, when and how parents should praise their child, behavior modeling, and so much more.   

Additional Resources: 

5 Bigger-Picture Suggestions To Help Build Kids’ Self-Confidence  


American Psychological Association 

Dr. Abigail Matthews, a clinical psychologist and associate director of the Eating Disorders program at Cincinnati Children’s, joins us to discuss her newest research on eating disorders and the effects the pandemic has had. We learn more about her study, discuss types of eating disorders, biological predisposition to disordered eating and the stressors that can cause a perfect storm for illness to develop. This is a must-listen episode, particularly for parents of tweens and teens.  


To learn more about the Eating Disorder Program, please visit:  

The National Eating Disorders Association  

This week on the podcast, we talk to Dr. Mary Carol Burkhardt about respiratory syncytial virus, commonly known as RSV. Listen in as we break down the symptoms of RSV and thoughts on why we’re seeing it so early in the year, bronchiolitis, advice for parents who are feeling the stress of so many respiratory viruses circulating in the community, if and when parents should take their child to the doctor and symptoms of bronchiolitis that indicate an ED visit is necessary. This one is jam-packed with helpful information for every parent.  

For additional information on bronchiolitis and to see a helpful video that shows what retractions look like when an infant is in respiratory distress, please visit:  

For more FAQs on RSV, please visit: 



According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 10-34. September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, and it is imperative to have conversations about mental illness and mental health. In this week's episode, we discuss suicide prevention with Dr. Courtney Cinko, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Cincinnati Children's. Our conversation includes who is at risk for suicide, red flags parents should look for, how to have a conversation about suicide, resources, and so much more.   

To schedule an appointment with the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, please visit:  

To learn more about MindPeace, please visit:  

For additional resources for suicide prevention, please visit:  

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 


Your little girl is growing up and is showing signs that she is about to start her period. Where did the time go? How should we talk to her about this? We know parents have many questions as they gear up to have this vital conversation with their daughter about periods.  This week on the podcast, Dr. Lesley Breech, a Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologist here at Cincinnati Children's offers practical information about when and how to have this conversation. Listen as we discuss the average age a girl should start her period, how long first cycles should last, irregular periods and when to visit the doctor, plus, when to talk to your daughter about her period, and so much more.   

To learn more about the adolescent gynecology program, please visit the Young Women’s Center for Reproductive Health & Development

To learn more about Menstrual Suppression in Teens, please visit:  

Additional Resources: 

All About Periods:

Gyno Gab:  

Center for Young Women’s Health:  


Vaping and e-cigarette use among adolescents is an ongoing health concern that has been labeled a global epidemic. In this week's episode, we discuss vapes and e-cigarettes with Dr. Sheila Goertemoeller who is a Pharmacist, Clinical Toxicologist and Drug Abuse Prevention Specialist. Our conversation includes the harmful effects of vaping, vaping regulations, tips for how parents can talk to their children about vaping, resources for families, and so much more.   

To learn more about the Drug and Poison Center, please visit Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center.  

For additional resources on how to talk to your teen about vaping and e-cigarettes please visit, Talk with Your Teen About E-cigarettes: A Tip Sheet for Parents ( and Talk To Your Child About Vaping | American Lung Association.  

For more information on E-cigarette regulations, please visit E-cigarettes: Facts, stats and regulations (  

For additional resources on a free and confidential way to quit vaping, please visit My Life My Quit - Ohio.   


In celebration of National Breastfeeding Month, Dr. Julie Ware, a physician in the Center for Breastfeeding Medicine, joins us to discuss breastfeeding. In this episode, we talk about the highs and lows of a mother’s breastfeeding journey, milk sharing, tips for new mothers, breastfeeding disparities, and so much more.  

For additional resources and to learn more, please visit the Center for Breastfeeding and Medicine.   

Learn more about World Breastfeeding Week, please visit World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action. 

If you or someone you know has extra milk to donate, please visit Human Milk Banking Association of North America. 

For additional information on All Moms Empowered to Nurse (AMEN), please visit:  

For additional breastfeeding resources, visit: US Breastfeeding Committee , American Academy of Pediatrics and Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. 

Ohio Statewide Breastfeeding Hotline: 1-888-588-3423 

Drs. Patty Manning and Bob Frenck join us to provide an update on the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss the current state of the pandemic, masking for students in schools, vaccines for younger age groups and recommendations for families to keep kids safe as the 4th surge of the pandemic continues to grow.  


Click for frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines. 

For additional resources visit Coronavirus Resources for Families

Find child-specific COVID-19 public health data from the COVID Kids Project here: COVID-19 Cases Dashboard | The COVKID Project 

For more information on our vaccine clinics or to schedule a vaccination, visit  


This week on the podcast we are talking about car seats with certified Child Passenger Safety technician, Michelle Price. Join us as we discuss how to choose a car seat for your child, when to progress your child from rear facing, to front facing, to booster seat, and finally to front seat. We also bust some myths and talk about peer pressure, share resources families can use and so much more! 

To learn more about child passenger safety, please visit the Comprehensive Children’s Injury Center. 

Learn more about the Ohio Buckles Buckeyes program. 

To sign up for a virtual car seat check, please visit  

For more resources on child safety, please visit Safe Kids Worldwide. 

This week on the podcast we are talking about books and the importance of reading to children from birth. Our guest, Tiana Henry, a literacy expert and children’s book enthusiast, shares her tips for how to find books your child will love, resources for free books to start your home library, school readiness and we even share some of our favorite books for kids! 

To learn more and sign up for imagination library, please visit . 


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